Cylinder Sleeve available in

Semi Finish / Fully Finished Bores
White / Natural Finish
Black Phosphate (usually for Fully Finish)
Nitrated Processed (only for Fully Finish)
Tuffride Processed (only for Fully Finish)
Bore Chrome plated (only for Fully Finish)

Cylinder Sleeves with Piston Assy. form the heart of the engine and are very critical components for the running and for performance of the engine. Care is to be taken for correct size and also correct material while producing this product. We at present make only cast iron Alloy Cylinder Sleeves. Steel Cylinder Sleeves are not in our range. We also offer a special Alloy casting Cylinder Sleeve with high Chromium and high Molybdenum for higher wear resistance and life of Cylinder Sleeve.


The process starts by centrifugal casting the Cylinder Sleeve, which is the best process available and is reliable. Cast iron Alloy is poured in to a die, which rotates at high speed resulting into a casted product. A good quality casting is very important for the quality of the Cylinder Sleeve. The Cylinder Sleeve functionally requirement is to be wear resistant (not to be worn cut easily). It should have strength, hardness but not too hard. Very hard Cylinder Sleeve will become brittle (and break) and may chip off easily. The Cylinder Sleeve should have all the properties of wear resistance, strength, hardness, toughness, corrosion resistant, no blow holes, a fine grain structure etc. The casting Alloy should be low in Sulpher. The Alloy should have carbon in controlled percentage plus Silicon, Chromium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nickel along with others elements to make a good quality casting.


The next step is to machine the casting. We offer Cylinder Sleeves with semi finished or Fully / Pre Finished bores. Operation of turning, phasing, boring are done to accurate size. Care is also taken for an even wall thickness of the Cylinder Sleeve. For fully finished Cylinder Sleeves after final boring we do horning on Hydraulic Vertical horning - double expansion machine to achive R.A. value. The cross horning lines are important to retain an oil film in the Cylinder Sleeve. Not to much oil film ( or engine will give smoke ) and not less ( or it will become hot and also wear out very fast ).We at Reliable Engg. House understand what is a good Cylinder Sleeve and that is why our product are successful.

Fitment Semi Finish Sleeves

We recommend these should be press fitted inside the Block. The interference ( fit tight ) between the Block bore ( cleaned ) and the out side diameter of the Cylinder Sleeve should be 0.050 mm to 0.075 mm ( 0.002'' to 0.003'' )